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lirik lagu a$ap rocky – back home


gotta find my way back home, i’ve been away to long
gotta find my way back home, i’m moving…

[verse 1: a$ap rocky]
war lords, we all lords, but we your lords
tryna find home, next stop is the waldorf
past the racism and fake-ism
type of hate that make you feel worse than a rape victim, raw dogs
you other rappers mad soft, mad i rap my -ss off
they throwin’ mats off, till i go bath salt
on wax, spitting heat to melt the wax off
i’m mr miyagi and issey miyake
-ss hole flow, f-ck name brands, past logos
now i’m onto grand raps, hands so low, uh
it’s like my fashion style is the life saver
guess she wasn’t satisfied with t-tties that christ gave her
bragging that her new -ss shots is a life changer
head so good on that girl that i might pay her, or no
super laid back cat, opposite of fat black, al capone
tell them lil’ n-gg-s flacko home

gotta find my way back home
i’ve been way too long
gotta find my way back home
i’ve been way too long
gotta find my way back home
i’ve been way too long
gotta find my way back home
i’ve been way too long

[verse 2: a$ap rocky]
father, lord forgive me as i load up the semi
roll through the city, that joseph is in me
hold it, don’t load it, reload it
on plenty, any, [?]
that ever voted against me, dissed me
p-ssed me off then tried to hold it against me
or wish we off the worst luck that ever hated
never hesitated, the designated [?] they did me
you stored in my memory all of the doors that i [?] enemies
sippin’ holy water like it’s bore from my kidneys
load the smoke like a chimney, make a toast for the memories
make a toast for the henny, it’s the best for the remedies
energy, synergy, frienemies, industries
finna get advantage on him and his nemesis
b-tches been sniffing
if i, if i ain’t the greatest, b-tch i’m one of em
how in the f-ck could you front on em
my old ho beefing, my ex wanna be friends
bronson told me not to eat ham, rest in peace yams

[break: a$ap rocky]
rest in peace yams, rip a$ap yamborghini
we gon’ take it up town one time
we gon’ take em back, show em how me do
they call me pretty flacko ladies and gentlemen
i’d like to introduce pretty flacko sir
yasiin bey

[verse 3: yasiin bey]
magnum spectacular, black man megalas
shine amethyst, fly champion, it’s like that again
what’s happening? mathematics master blin’
flacko season, all day, erryday
ask me how it’s going, i tell em on and on and on and on and
you led me out to [?]
steady flowing, staying golden
sand cover, ready rover
flacko glowing in that owens, that’s how it’s going
awareness to the areas, familiar with the routes
travellin man, moving through places sp-ce in time
in a country called earth

[outro: a$ap yams]
nah’mean, these tack -ss mah’f-cker be in the pictures. wearing all types of mother f-ckin’ red and green stripes, over accessorizing out this mother f-cker. we from harlem, we gave y’all mother f-cker this wave. grab y’all surfboards, cause y’all got your boogy boards ready now. ya’ll just gon’ keep watching us at the beach show with your mother f-ckin’ khaki’s rolled up. chancletas in your hand and we just gon’ keep surfing in this mother f-cker. straight up. it’s ya boy, a$ap yams, yamborghini. yo rock man, let these mother f-ckers know what it is out this mother f-cker. a$ap, b-tch!