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lirik lagu a hill to die upon – st. cocaine


my salvation was so near
but it does not -ssuage my paralyzing fear
that trench was to be my astral womb

for god knows it was nearly my tomb

i prayed, i prayed
bury me at ypres
with a coffin made of mud
in full battle array
i pray, i pray
to st. cocaine
i wait, i wait
for virgin white embrace

i am brought back from the dead
to live again amongst the well fed
bid to forget the h-ll
the h-ll that i learned to love so well

death’s wail
haunting paschiondale
with an elixir mostly of blood
this magic shall not fail
i pray, i pray, and i pray
to st. leda cocaine
i wait, i wait, and i wait
for her swanlike embrace

a long march toward a certain death
what doesn’t k!ll me only feeds my paranoia