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lirik lagu 7 foot midget – just a slice of butter and some bread


when they came, we were ready
with atom bombs pointed towards the sky
panic swept across the nations
you could see the terror in their eyes

can’t you see? the aliens are invading
it’s gonna be them or me
i’m making sure it won’t be me
i gotta retain my right to be free

so the war raged on
we didn’t know what was going on
and the streets ran bl–dy red
if we’d only been aware
they’d come to see if we could spare
just a slice of b-tter and some bread

they didn’t come to steal our children
you’ve had it wrong from the start
they didn’t come to destroy us
they came asking for our help
but it’s too late now
we were too narrow-minded
now we’re forever binded by
this treachery we’ve done

who’s to blame?