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lirik lagu 3pc – from the club



dj slow this party down
i see this cutie pie that
i wanna step to

girl what yo name is
where yo man at
you can’t be single
you’re much too beutiful

what you drinkin (hypnotic)
ooo girl yo body so exotic
i’ve never seen such a beutiful smile
you drivin me wild
and i just gotta get you from ..


the club to my bedroom
cant believe my eyes you so fine so fine
in the bedroom
you and me gettin it on agressevly


gotta make gotta make gotta make
this vision a reality
i want you so bad
lets get up n leave
lets ditch this place
what’s it gonna be
are you gonna chill with me
are you gone ride (im ridin)
cabt wait to get you home
so we can be alone
and there you go
between the sheets
reachin for me
girl i just gotta get you

from the club to my bedroom
cant believe my eyes
your so fine do fine
from my bedroom
you and me gettin on agreesivly

break it down

from the club (from the club baby)
to my bedroom(ooo oo ohhh)
from the bed (from the bed baby)
to the floor (floor floor)
from the floor (to the kitchen couter baby)
in the shower
against the wall
hold me tight
here i come.. (first i gotta get you baby)

repeat chorus 2x