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lirik lagu lupe fiasco – ital (roses)


black panther, black panther, what do you see?
i see a dream ital watching over me
yeah, hey, can we get a little break
from the cocaine and the kilos
aiight n-gg-, we know
aiight n-gg-, we know
can we get a break from the strippers on the pill
aiight n-gg-, we know
okay n-gg-, we know
hey shawty, ain’t no future in no gang-bang
and ain’t no manhood in no bang-bang
ain’t no honor cleanin’ interstates inside a chain-gang
know some rap n-gg-s put that sh-t inside your mainframe
pills make you stupid and liquor do the same thing
raris’ too expensive and they way too hard to maintain
get yourself a camry, “n-gg- said a camry?”
watch that ho depreciate and then you’ll understand me
it’s called being fiscally responsible
don’t let these lying images up in hip-hop here conquer you
the tv’s not your father fool, that video’s not your momma
try your best to be a man and your worst to be a monster
may we have some roses for the ladies
a little appreciation for the gentlemen
and here’s some kisses for the babies
some peace and humanity for the whole wide-wide-wide world
more patience to the youth
sympathy for the poor
empathy for the old, more justice for the down and pressed
i know you’re sayin’, “lupe rappin’ ‘bout the same sh-t”
well, that’s ‘cause ain’t sh-t changed, b-tch
and please don’t excuse my language
cause i would hate for you to misrepresent
the true expression of my anguish
and by this far i ain’t shocked, upset, or appalled
i’m ashamed, b-tch
i can’t listen if you ain’t sayin’ sh-t
and recognize all this emptiness is dangerous
ain’t buildin’ up they confidence, we teachin’ ‘em that they ain’t sh-t
if they ain’t got the latest that they saw on someone famous
mercy of the lord on this double-edged sword
instead of askin’ where the hoes is
maybe maybe we could ask for roses
called the president a terrorist
corporate sponsors like, how the f-ck you gon’ embarr-ss us?
ain’t my fault, i was just repeatin’ this
professor emeritus from america
but my tone was like an afghani kid without a home
blew that b-tch up with a drone
an iraqi with no daddy, palestinian throwing stones
the f-ck you think they call him, i’mma leave that all alone
the focus on this new sh-t is that hopeless
place that i was born into systematic brokeness
put that down, pressureness and developed into dopeness
it’s that great american rap-rap ferocious