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lirik lagu lostchild – like like


since i was a kid
i could never find somebody i liked
always figured it
was a thing for all the kids who played nice
i hung out with the girls
and listened to their advice
they said i’d meet a great guy, settle down
but the thought just got me down

and now they all got kids
and i’m struggling
to figure out where it all went wrong
they say they found the one
and i’m still
trying to find someone to like like like

i’m living in a flatshare
working at a shop near by
i hear you got promoted
man, you’re doing alright
is that what it takes
for me to be worth your time?
good job, good flat, lots of money?
well i’ll never have that

you say that you’re in love
and it hurts so much
because i don’t know where i went wrong
you say you found the one
and i’m still
trying to find someone i like like like

i wanna go so far
wanna do so much
but what’s the point if i’m on my own
i want to find the one
or maybe anyone
or maybe just someone i like like like