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lirik lagu lloyd banks – light up freestyle


“light up freestyle”

tough looks get you socked eyes
beats, words, melody, better be in your top five
i’m on a roll tonight got top 5 five times
ran threw these yellow lights, ran threw the stop signs
i’m on a one way, no parking lot time
monday threw sunday, they on a drop dime
i got that gucci louie fendi swagger dope rhyme
compet-tion on they back from my clothes line
them boys listen reminisceing the old times
hate records stop the dissin’ now your hoes mine
how did you manage them, make them look like a amateur
then damage ya, when you get to the bread hoes sandwich ya
bottles by the forklift an chronic by the cases
cause i light up like the faces that jackpot in vegas
nip the bubbly match box the races
slapbox faces snap shot cases
lookin’ in you probably think we had it hard before
that’s until i lost my marbles on the marble floor
bats of steel, fear the dollar bill, the art of war
cats get peeled like oj for something small
lifestyle like wilt cham i f-cking ball
and ball the f-ck out and ball and chain it all
you haters gonna keep acting like i can’t make it happen
til it happen, rolls right under your nose caught you slackin’
be minumum wise, superfly, ultra macking
rapping like i’m going platnium, money flashing top fashion
legal or eagle anything to get the cash
hungry like i never signed, lable his can kiss my -ss
catch a tan from my future, you should open up my past
southside arrari rider smokin, chokin off the gr-ss
hit the gas with a laugh, i ain’t gotta lift a calf
lift a heel, lift a toe, or even give my self a bath
like a prince, oil tint, platnium made my p-n-s royal
give your girl a s-m-n stash, female slaves keep me spoiled
plaques i deserve a few, snap back with a word or two
nap sack with the burner, new black on black convertible
hatch black with purple too, crack rap that i’m serving you
back track and you recollect, mic check and i’m surgical
horizontal or vertical rhymes get on the nerve of crews
move crowds for certain the very second that curtains moves
champagne and ice chains keep the circle cool
square b-tches and led pictures, open pool