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lirik lagu lilitu – firmament


forgotten, forbidden, forsaken the skies
my god of ancients, i crumble and die,
my castles in ruin, buried beneath me
…exalts with desire into destiny

…and i look up to the sky
and pray to a god that doesn’t know my pain.
times since p-ssed for you and i…
molden flame to flame

my nights of dreams, my blood so faint…
leading from shrines, so empty and vain
my heart so weakened by all this shame
behold enduring skies, molden flame to flame

…and i look up to the sky
and pray to a god that doesn’t know mym pain.
times since p-sses for you and i…
imprisoned by all this shame…

imprisoned by my heart and soul…

a prayer to the sky…
i trust that you will hold me
in your firm embrace
please… let it be her…
the one who bared my childbirth
(…and between us and boundless eternity,
we will be united once again.)
would you walk with me in this place called heaven?

(when the earth in her hunger cries for food.
to raise his soul high above the firmament
that he may foretaste our tomorrow
and to keep his body groveling in the mire
that he may not forget his yesterday.)