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lirik lagu lil west – bit my tongue now my mouth bleeding


[verse 1]
100 racks
that’s a 100 gecs
make a 100 tracks
that’s another flex
take a 100 flats
make a 100 flat
like a 100 laps
she gon’ run it back

take her to the city
make love
taking selfies
while we take drugs
uber everywhere
like it’s a bus
shawty tryna
sneak me in the club

[verse 2]
call your uber then
give me my phone back
check up on your b-tch
see if she home yet
she say that she f-ck
with all my old raps
time is never ticking
with the rolex

why my b-tch so cozy?
she say i be f-cking up the moment
all you b-tches turned
to my opponents
i got molly on me
like makonnen