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lirik lagu lil kim – buy u music


“buy u music”
(feat. keri hilson)

(one for the paper, and two for the money)
we takin no prisoners, black friday baby…
lil’ kim, big mike, big fendi

i don’t know what’s goin on baby
what the h-ll is goin on baby
used to take me to dinner
used to take me shoppin now you askin me for my paper
it’s my money, boy my money
i bet you’ll never ever get another dime from me
no you can’t use the phone, baby
i think you need to get your own…

[keri hilson]
was lookin for a man to hold me down
so how’d i end up with youuuuuu?
yeah, baby youuuuuuu
and as hard as i try
at times it gets hard, payin all these bills
the note on the car, so i don’t need
no broke broke boy tryin to holla holla
so baby shut it up, please show me the dollars

[chorus: keri hilson]
one for the paper, two for the money
brand new bags, new shoes, yeah i want it
all my girls, fly girls get money [2x]
one for the paper, two for the money
nails did, hair did, yup yup i want it
one for the paper, two for the money
all my girls, fly girls get money

[lil’ kim]
nope i ain’t checkin for you broke -ss n-gg-z
kim only checkin for the dope boy n-gg-z
no no no i’m not a go-gold digger
i’m just tryin to say i got my own lil’ n-gg-
six-deuce benz, you know the grown folks n-gg-
n-gg-z like stock they got they own vote n-gg-
no middle man, hang your own coat n-gg-
t-tle to the ghost, no car note n-gg-
can’t pay my rent wit’cho compliments
and i don’t need a man with no accomplishments
uh-uh, no whip, no job, no credit
me and you is like alzheimer’s, forget it
if you was my sugar, i’d be diabetic
your game like a old book, i already read it
it’s money on my mind boy and you just a headache
i need a man with the full package like fedex
kim lil’ b-tches, mafia la bella
money old like champagne in the cellar
boy you need to split, like a cigarella
you ain’t treatin me like a atm teller
so f-ck your lil’ cheese, i got my own cheddar
so when they make it rain i open up my umbrella
dior gl-ss slippers, call me cinderella
your bank account like these new artists, undeveloped


[talking over chorus]
shout to all the supporters you already know what it is
shout to all the haters equally it’s all good
@lilkim on that twitter
@bigmikeruler on that twitter
@bigfendi on that twitter
#blackfriday man