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lirik lagu lil’ d – sh!t at 1am


[intro: martin lawrence]
i gots to talk
i gotta tell what i feel
i gotta talk about my life as i see it
[verse 1]
(biggie, aye)
so like i made this at like 12
so like (biggie)
i skeeted
things between me and my girlfriend got heated
i only got my meat, so imma f-cking beat it
i skeeted so hard but my d-ck’s still small
i like suicide, i’m logan paul
i got shoes like a mall
your mom’s tryna call
i’m mr. curry, ima ball
like sean
[verse 2]
i used to play chess, ima p-wn
i stay up ’till dawn
i don’t mow my lawn
my friend dreams about millie bobby brown
i keep looking down
this is, the greatest sound
i don’t weigh a lot of pounds
[verse 3]
ima take a sh-t
i’m cold, i need an oven mitt
that’s so lit
i got bit
my girlfriend wants my face so she can sit
i play gta
no, i’m not g-y
that’s all i gotta say
time to pay
i got laid, bye bye