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lirik lagu lil cap – in the grave


oh you gon’ teach me what?
you ain’t teach me sh~t
pssht, hah
school of hard knock, motherf~cker
did it all by myself

[verse 1]
i’m gon’ show you what’s right
you gon’ step up to me then you know i was like
you’re gonna be dead after this one – not quite as nice
so you sit in the studio and then go ‘yeah he’s right’
give me a second
oh yeah i got more platinum with half of your records – i get it
thought you’re really upset
but every time we speak you sound like a broken cassette

wait ~ you bettеr believe what you don’t see
that you homiеs sold a stake cause you’re ott
the day comes whenever your cloud is over
i’m [?] go ain’t n0body fight me over

imma be honest, you, acting like a little b~tch
poor tyrone getting jumped is [?]
your bars are like someone who’ll shoot a brick

you gon’ get dropped
b~tch imma go get the uzi and pop
you do not really wanna get the smoke, motherf~cker
me and cg get you shot

b~tch, imma run it back like i am a demon
your heart of strikes got me freezing
even your live concerts got me sleepin’, uh
yeah, b~tch i’m leaving

you’re ducking and weaving our shots
the biggest red i’ve ever known on the block
f~ck ott and the ballas get out the picture
but just like a pen and a [?]
funny how your label only owns clowns
zero talent and zero clout
kinda sad when you think about it
but i think about it when i’m feeling down

even randy’s sh~t on the mic
went platinum faster than heart stopper
says a lot about budget brand doesn’t it
when p~~p is a god d~mn chart topper

you must have forgot that i’ve done this for six years
i may be young but i’m still here
your ego is too big, you’re finna implode
you better stay humble or else you’ll get rolled

i couldn’t care less ‘bout your legacy
here we go again ’bout makin’ enemies
god d~mn, you be talkin’ that much
leave it on the beat yeah you be wastin’ my time

said it’s f~cked that you’re past your prime
i ain’t even in mine but it’s in due time, god d~mn
huh, here we go again

your greatest hit got a feat tag
you know what that means right
ott – you get carried every track
don’t tell benji – he will take my phone oh oh
you’re exposed as a lyrical boy breaking ankles
you may now understand the meaning of ‘you don’t want the smoke’
i’m done

i’m back to making my generic rapper melodic type f~cking sh~t
and i proved my f~cking point
that i’m one of the f~cking greatest
p~ssy, don’t ever step up to me