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lirik lagu lil b – i’m fabio


i’m fabio

yo b-tch check this out
this that b-tch mob sh-t
yeah this that white flame
this that lil b, f-ck with me
new orleans!

[verse 1:]
let me tell ya’ sometin’
b-tch this ice right here, that sh-t ain’t nothin’
check this out right here
man i’m off that bottle and i rep that b-tch mob
now woadey
if you see me in traffic
man i might have a thing and a few automatics
now woadey
man i’m off the showroom floor
man i got that new sh-t cause i’m a b-tch
now woadey
i’m down to bust a head
after i caught that fake b-tch my eyes is red
now woadey
n-gg- do your thang’, man
and ask them n-gg-s, man i swear they’re crazy
now woadey
you better call that b-tch
and tell that ho you know basedgod b-tch
i brought the strap like a f-ggot
and i lay i n-gg- down in that m-th-f-cking casket
now woadey
if i play with texts, man
i’m thinking about the b-tch i’m a play with next
shout out to birdman
i’m off that lean with a 456
that mean i got a few bad b-tches
that will do you down bad for the riches
you heard me?
an i’m not f-cking playing
badadangdangdang, lil b is the mayne!

[hook: x2]
b-tch suck my d-ck
i can’t believe it’s not b-tter
i’m fabio
ho, go push the line
i met lil b and based god at the same time

[verse 2:]
do it up b-tch
suck my d-ck b-tch
grandpa’s here
grandpa’s here
suck my d-ck b-tch
you feel me?
and the b-tch know i brought the strap like a f-ggot
lay a m-th-f-cker down in that casket

[hook x2]

white flame b-tch
white flame b-tch
lil b b-tch
(ha, wa)