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lirik lagu leng tche – you fat prick


when i was still living with you
you were threatening to kick me out
you just couldn’t deal with my lifestyle
you had no respect for my personal choices
day after day you’d tell me to get out
you didn’t want me in your house anymore
so i went out to search my own place
and then i informed you that i would leave
now you completely changed your att-tude
you asked me to stay and respect each other
but two months later we had a discussion
and then you smacked me against the fridge!

f-ckin’ fat stupid -sshole
you f-cked up big time now
don’t want to see you again
leave me the f-ck alone
don’t want to forgive and forget

i will retaliate one day i’d like to get you dad
‘coz vengeance is so sweet!

don’t write any more stupid letters to me
just to ask me why i never come over
don’t you see what the f-ck is wrong
our only relation is a biological one