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lirik lagu lazer dim 700 - futon


f~ck, f~ck
i got— i got lil’ goxan on this motherf~cker
i got lil’ goxan on this motherf~cker
f~ck, f~ck

i ain’t got no drink, i just do a lil’ store run
purchase my zip, i just use a lil’ coupon
tinted black truck, i might get out the yukon
i’ll send you two opens, you get me a new gun
everybody sleep, piled up on a futon
real zaza, you ain’t havin’ a real one
blend in with the hood, chameleon
make some hot sh~t, tell the twin to come check it out
this took me thirty minutes, i do this for breakfast now
fine sh~t, push up, i ain’t got sh~t to text about
promo the tape, tell the twin to go get the tape

back then, n~gga wasn’t tryna collaborate
open up the bag, the ‘za smell evaporate
lil’ twin fake cough, overexaggerate
n~gga got quickdraw, bet you gon’ back away
do a l!ck, run home, i don’t come out ’til sat~rday
you got that fire, what you doin’ is some pepper spray
hit the lil’ blunt one time, take my breath away
i gotta stay off these drugs, take my health away
roll up my ‘za, blow down on expressway
go to sleep at the trap, sleep ’til the next day
when i’m geeked up, i just do sh~t the worst way
hood store broke, i came out with monyun
we can play ’round, just don’t play with my fundyuns
still on the block, i done caught me a sun tan
i’m still pushin’ up, i still ain’t unbanned
gun range outside, dump that b~tch one hand
i got the drip on me, i ain’t even do sh~t
come to the safe spot, we just got new sh~t
i been gettin’ high all day, i ain’t choose sh~t
i’m taxin’ right now, this sh~t high for exclusive
lil’ twin set if off, he think he boosie
off~white dunks, i ain’t put on no gucci
fine sh~t model, she think she karrueche
act like i ain’t seen her, i just act like i’m new to this
lil’ twin, drop your sh~t, you gotta be true to this
lil’ lazer hot, who the f~ck is they foolin’ with?
trade my lil’ fire, i discovered some newer sh~t
f~ck, f~ck

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