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lirik lagu lanclier – never leave


[verse 1]
i found jack by the creek
sheltered by the trees
i was frozen by his gaze
and i tried to hide my shame
but he saw me in the shadow
asleep by the creek
he pulled me in his arms
into a lover’s embrace
i didn’t pull away
i no longer was afraid

[verse 2]
our laughs were swallowed by the void
and answered by silence
i felt safe in your arms
i was safe in your arms
remember movie theaters when we shared the armrests between us
your skin touching mine
i didn’t pull away
as if to say i’d be fine
if you touched me again

[verse 3]
why’d you leave i ask
i don’t know, you said
we were just so afraid
just so afraid
i didn’t mean to hurt you
i didn’t mean to scare you
i was just so afraid
i was just so afraid
never leave me again
never leave me again

never leave me again