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lirik lagu láďa kerndl – married lady


[verse 1]
i’ve got a confession to make when i first decided to bring you here tonight
i was scared to death i started once to call it off
run back to my little corner of the world
but then i remembered how soft your lips can be
how tantalizing your body can be
and how great it is to make love to a married lady

tonight i fell in love with a married lady
she held me in her lovin’ arms and she called me baby
and she made me feel all the good things i’ve missed lately
tonight i fell in love with a married lady
[verse 2]
my life’s been pretty crazy lately
but tonight lyin’ next to you it all came back into focus
i discovered there’s a difference between what matters
and what counts and what counts is being close to you and loving you
and remembering why i married you in the first place