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lirik lagu la goony chonga – no effort remix


i could do this sh-t with no effort
you know i do this sh-t with no effort
i could do this sh-t with no effort, b-tch

i had to choose
i had to pick
and chose to keep my child
and modern hoe so long i think it’s time to take a bow
all these b-tches really fow
im like wow is you serious? i’m curious
how the f-ck you hoes get so delirious?

i don’t ever gotta trip
cause im always on dope
think i finna stab now
now im plantin on some dope
see a lot of people hatin
but they really just be fakin
think i give three f-cks
i get new groopies every day b-tch

i take it if its yours
if your a dumb i take some more
i let my baby down
gotta take his -ss to court
if you take me for a hoe
imma take it to your door
only feel the lord
anybody else could see the torch

give me thirty seconds w
get all up in the head
imma really take advantage
b-tch don’t need no bricks
cause i’m really feeling reckless
spend sober
im always gone get it

one time for my boo
one time for the flat
get lit rip the gang f-ck the abds
one time for booty chaaain
one time for the mas
take the stacks in the club
b-tches drop p-ss-es hot
one time for kray
had the times in a while
played with a single and down
cause we never gone stop
one time for my wife krocaine on top
one time for the cash got me c-ming like a lot
one time for the real b-tches that hustle
making moves you’re a fool if you’re tryna shuggle
my man won cause i make that cash shuffle
think i work too much
that’s how to stay humble
think i’m getting big stacks
never get a little
trynna chase a bill bae
i make it real simple
play no games
while you tryna get a head for you
dajdkflea get over some brad b-tch

i don’t give a f-ck if i am pregnant
still need that trofee hoe
you looking at the next winner
not tryna fall off like these other b-tches
like i ain’t been a parent hoe
when i fed b-tches
like, little b-tch

i could do this sh-t with no effort
you know i do this sh-t with no effort
i could do this sh-t with no effort, b-tch

shout out to my click
cause they ride till they die
came up from the bottom
and we always gone shine
in miami with my boo
keild getting spoiled
b-tches hatin
but can’t even keep they own man loyal
b-tch it’s more than just starting off my day with some racks
and a prayer that i’ll make them all stack
all for my kid
they gone be sittin on my lap
bring it right back
cause you know i never gone lie
aye i got some news
sounding real exciting
ok, so let me tell you matter fact
last b-tches tryinna beat for me uuuuuh
i can’t even remember where these hoes’ careers at
it’ll occur to me later
it’s at the tip of my tongue
b-tch, i was a stripper stacking one’s and dubs
b-tch, i stack ton ch-lls like the sh-t want none
break a little b-tch off
all she get from me is cramps
yeah, p-ssy b-tches hoe boes
you ain’t got no dope
i ain’t got time to play around with broke hoes
extending out my nails b-tches longer than a d-mn pole
from la to soho
they county b-tch i’m go mo

lil b-tch
i could get my way and that’s with no effort
i’m poppin out, b, like it ain’t no talent
girls take a look at me and think i’m more better
got them calling me they mum cause i’m a go getter

babe mummas and house wifes
baby dady is day and night
going thirst till iove find
no red b-ttoms on my feet
but i make it stab like a red light

f-cked this beat up
and it only took me one night
like little b-tch
i could do this sh-t with no effort
you know i do this sh-t with no effort
watch me do this sh-t with no effort