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lirik lagu kwasi kao – survive


i’m in it down for real
its kao!

you know, that i wanna f~ck with you
so fine, and you’re independent too
type i wanna make my boo
show you what i’m really into

what you wanna do? i can run it up
i don’t give no shh shh, i don’t give no f~ck
i’m in this b~tch to survive
i’m in this b~tch to survive
i got a b~tch with the fire
she love to flash her iron

you the type pulling up, going so crazy
going insane, you out of control
right when i seen you, i knew i had to meet you
i manifested it on the low

drop dead gorgeous, you know that i want it
and she’s so sweet, super sweet, she’s my honey
how it feel? man, i can’t describe
b~tterflies and dandelions, how i feel inside
i wanna make memories all through the seasons
and i don’t gotta have a reason ‘cus