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lirik lagu kutless – identity



i’ve been looking from the outside, outside
i’ve been walking on a straight line, straight line
scared to let the world see my failures, who i am, or who i’ve been

i’ve been waiting for somebody else to
take the chance that i am so afraid to
i don’t know how to find myself am i the only one the only one

oh i wanna feel you move me like a river running through me
i am so tired of trying to prove it i’m never gonna do it alone
god i need you to be my ident-ty

it’s always easier to hide behind that
camouflage that keeps our hearts so guarded
but there’s no shame when we surrender everything to you
everything to you

i want to see the world change, see the system cave in
you pull our hearts from the ashes
the cry of the captive is rising



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