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lirik lagu kira oh – inner peace


[verse 1]
aye, yeah
i just want it to be right
spend a lot just to feel comfortable
been reeling from the lies
perspectives shedding light
about time something i’ve given so free
delivered for me
i didn’t know a lot but i knew what i’d need
every few beats had to let my soul breathe

[hook 1]
living for me, yeah
in it for me, yeah
feeling what i’m on
slipping but i’m up
still within me
just rippling enough

[verse 2]
is it even when the odds stack up
for real
arrogance had tacked on burdens
others let down if i’m honеst
learning to examine inwardly
and spеnd time in the moment
daylight come
just leave it in the past
mistakes might’ve stung
concede i needed that
soul better for it
make my luck
accepted who i am
can’t let it set me back
nah let it go
made for my reasons
can’t n0body live mine for me gotta lead this
yeah, aye yeah
stay with the feeling
maybe hard to see right now but i believe it
[hook 2]
living for me, yeah
in it for me, yeah
feeling what i’m on
spirit holding up
with me sure enough
delicately tucked
filling fully up
giving nothing up
it’s what i want
keep it near
hidden from me
unveiling when it’s done
feel it coming up

who can go through what motions for but me
if it is true can’t lose, yeah