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lirik lagu kingdam – whenwesmoke



yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh
comin from a wicked place
i’da seen a lot of different faces

all i can do in the midst of that my n-gga

stay high and maintain my n-gga
(stay high and maintain, stay high and maintain)
stay high and maintain

i wake i’m in the am
and i’m thinking bout ya
think about it

breath still syinkin’
crust all in my eye
thankin god for another day
as i proceed to spark the j

go back to the job to day
sh-t hit me like max holloway


i just wanna sleep, and get high today
call a freak over get some top and watch a juwanna mann

but not a chance
owe my mama bands
f-ck it imma scam

get a van
load it wit some blow
i don’t give a d-mn

f-ck it man
what’s a hundred bands?
thats a steppin’ stone

get you gone
pay me what you owe
then i send ‘em home
king ain’t about no nonsense
or no money that is fictional
really having all this cash
because i got up off my -ss

sometimes i feeling high
like my mind when we smoke
but now i keep it low
like our eyes when we smoke
i’m just tryna vibe
like a ride, then we smoke
i’m tryna blow ya mind
like i blow mine when we smoke


ooo sh-t, ooo wee
(yeh, yeh, yeh)
ooh sh-t
(yeh, yeh, aye, this’ll be easy)

i fall through in the pm
right after i get the dm
small talk at the waypoint
then pull off like i ain’t see em

call me damuel gaara
this sand storm
dry up ya chakra!

come in
with the weak sh-t
or reggie blunts
ima pop ya

i got up off my -ss
to make some of g’s
off the gas
imma have to skrrt
away, if i see 12
and drive off fast

don’t get up
in my face
you get put down
like hiroshima

like it’s 2k
celly jumpin
like i’m fema

imma pray
and hit my blunt
right before i hit this l!ck

i’m keeping
what i need
to give the extras
to the kids

nv be the nation
i get paid to
shoot ya lid

doing wrong
to get it right
reflect and twist
that how it is