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lirik lagu kingbob17


my purpose helping people that needed that service
i’m good now so follow me in the realm
i named my tree robert aye , reading the bible open up to proverbs

verse 1 : heart and my soul is stuck in a locker
see my dreams see my visions aye
see my self ascending oh
my energy is strong so use while i’m here aye
growing food in my backyard , i just saved like 100 bucks aye
when i was 12 life give me a uppercut
now they say i look cut g aye
all i want is my soul free ayе
free mind , i was blinded now i see
when i walk in thе woods i say hi to all the trees
see all beautiful leaves aye see the water moving aye , i see the wind blowing aye , meditating i know worth it aye