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lirik lagu king gizzard & the lizard wizard – han-tyumi, the confused cyborg


my name is han-tyumi
i am a cyborg
if you may call it that
in a world that is dense and black
created without a desire to draw breath
without a desire to have being
without a yearning of just to be
i’d like my desire back
my life back
my soul back
my humanity
oh how i long for it
for an era i have meditated
like the primordial buddha beneath the bodhi
my pseudo-mind pseudo-wandered
i climbed and i clambered
and i ambled upon some understanding
the gold beneath the virtual rainbow
i am bereft of two human things
two things that a cyborg can never do
two things that i strive for
two things between myself and mankind
to vomit
i want the perspiration
i want the nausea
i want to be sick
i want to feel the hot piquant nuggets
i want it to find p-ssage through my cold figure
i want to make a mess
i want the odour
i want the spectacle
and i want it again
i want it all
and i would like to die
a n-ble death
or a coward’s death
a hero’s death
or a lonely death
to die in the arms of a lover
or the arms of an alien
i desire my cache of experience to pulsate through my quasi-synapses
and then to be gone
for evermore