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lirik lagu king buffalo – red star pt. 1 & 2


pt. 1
waking up in crimson glow
vultures gathering on the ridge
wondering what’s this place become
shadows swallowing the sky

arid dunes give way to jagged stone
embers quivering in the mist
burning flames dance across the sand
blood and ashes on your lips

sitting on an ivory throne
an iron hand glares down with l~st
the fettered masses cry for gentle hands
silence echoes from the sky

pt. 2
built with the backs of the destitute
the monolith stands wicked and red
its cold black eyes gaze down shrouded in obsidian

reaping the blood of the innocent
the obelisk demands a sacrifice
the time’s come for the shackled ones
to bring the tower, down down down

it’s getting late for the demagogues
dispensing misery to the populous
bellowing screams shout enough is enough

no more blood for the opulent
d~mnation to the citadel
nothing to lose but the weight of the chains
burn the castle, down down down