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lirik lagu keralanka – tangents


[inaudible reversed intro]

[verse 1]
you are now dealing with the mic dropper, a divine product of my karma
these rappers helicopter watching, claiming nice choppers
come to toronto with them lies, get your life martyred
you ain’t see no luck with the 6, roll ya dice harder
i been tryna harbour these emotions like a father
cuz ya’ll been drinking from that public ocean type of water
f-ck you aardvark rappers, ya’ll been biting harder
this sh-t gon end with you falling off tryna find the author
i know a couple rappers recycling flows
i bet they quit that jibber jabber if i could impose
my raps is like vicodin, blow, vitamins, dope
more northern than a hike in the snow —
yosemite, ya’ll moving mountains and dope peddling?
apparently – how ya’ll amounting to no relevance?
got a headstart, but you not gonna go finish it
cowards and broke beggars been sizing they whole images
ya’ll photoshoppers and gold diggin tricks
pray to the sky that we don’t bottle the whole emb-ssay
think in absolutes, it’s a rock where my soul’s meant to be
i don’t chase sh-t, pour more vodka then go get it b
we playing 50 shades of grey goose and gon’ film it
alcoholics anonymous make it seem so kinky
see the pool, then they diving in, taking off bikinis
swimming in a ooze of diamonds and the fake millions

[verse 2]
can you feel the b-ss baby?
look in my eyes, tell me what i’m feeling ain’t crazy
if i compromise, then that feeling was prolly shady
i’m sick of all the lies, b-tch pay me
and tell ’em truth or dare, better do ya prayers
rappers needing that counselling for they new careers
how your season done got cancelled before you premiered
i think your pilot crashed when you started moving gears
when i look at peers, all i see is bully tears
you was talking all that sh-t now you full of it
while these old heads rocking back and forth on wooden chairs
hearing nosebleed lyrics pretending you wouldn’t cheer
but you used to be a fan up in the same arena
just ’cause it was back in the day don’t make it different
trackback glorification and the age is endless
and that’s way before reaganism and fake agendas
i’m talking economics trickling from noses dripping
so i’ma get them diamonds while you feed that dope addiction
i seen both sides of the fence, so i learned my privilege
i took that melting pot and f-cking threw more curry in it

[verse 3]
k breeze got the gas, ap got the gas
aiming atcha fam, move them feet like dancing dan
if you don’t meet demands, ya’ll won’t breathe again
get to rapping circles, all you b-tches look like squares
dope fiends in the back, whole team got the gas
ob with the catch, og hain gon beat em bad
oh we meet again – pay no fee for dranks
won’t you peep my gl-ss, free spirit like peter pan

i get on tangents like tragedies on the news
i get on tangents like tragedies on the news