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lirik lagu kenlow kabana – any means (freestyle)


i’m. on. my. samurai sh-t
im gon have to pull out me a blade
flex up luke cage
peekaboo fade
with the extendo
i’m laid up i’m back of the bach with a flask of the jack

i mean

my hometown been living vicariously

cause i hit a upgrade with the venom
speaking of venom i’m dressin all black
i plan out attack an attack
i am a tactical man, i always been that
.loco. all four sides of the wrist be froze doe

why is yo pockets on frodo? d-mnit i feel like you too old for that

cat. ina. hat. you a scary lil p-ssyyy
not to mention that you lookin jus like a lil rookie

compared to me
you cannot do anything

any beans
any means
you gotta hand out so you is my enemy

no emission i’m in a tesla
jettin like jetson
catch you on next run
i’m on my 0 to 60
hope you can catch up to the next run

next one

i’m up

like obi one

diamonds they choker

fitted my holster

b-tch booty on coaster

i do not keep it on pedestal

let’s cut this joint short
i think i’m behind on schedule