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lirik lagu ken hensley – feelings


feelings, empty feelings
prayin’, hopin’, needin’
just when i wanted to hold you
you’re leavin’, you’re leavin’
leavin’, you’re leavin’

i remember those magic nights
those nights when it all seemed right
but i knew that by mornin’
you’d be gone

and though you tell me
that it’s not for long
it ain’t easy here holdin’ on
you gotta tell me where i stand

’cause either you don’t give a d~mn
or you don’t even care to pretend
or you won’t spare a thought
though you know
it must come to an end

you’d bettеr know that
i’ve made up my mind
i gotta high of a differеnt kind
and it’s gonna take me
where i wanna be
sure i’ll miss ya but i gotta choose
you can’t believe that
i came here to lose
and you ain’t a winner
that’s easy to see

so i’ll see you around or i’ll write
and i’ll send you some love
’cause where i wanna go
there ain’t nothing to do but move