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lirik lagu kelly price – a lil sumn-sumn


“a lil sumn-sumn”

here i am fateful i have always been i always been fateful
here again waiting while your wondering your still wondering
when is it going to in so we can be happy boy

[chorus x2]
i love you but i won’t cry though i’m messed up and broken inside
until you want to do things right you can be a little sumn sumn on the side

your so cruel but i just can’t get over you
i really can’t get over you boy
and i’m a fool a fool to still be here with you
i’m right here with you
here’s what i’m going to do
until you be true true

[chorus x2]

until you want to live this life you can be a little sumn summ on the side until we are man and wife a little sumn sumn

something for me i love you boy and with out you but i gotta do what i gotta do until you wanna do me right you can be a little summ sumn on the side