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lirik lagu keith urban – you gonna fly


“you gonna fly”

one, two, three baby don’t think twice
just like that you got a brand new life
hop in this truck and run through the red lights
yeah where you wanna go baby name the town
we can go up north, we could head down south
roll down the windows with the radio loud

c’mon turn it up, yeah
start living your life
on the double leave your troubles behind
you and me, we’re gonna be alright

you could be a blackbird
on the country street
hiding from the world with a broken wing
but you better believe you’re gonna fly with me
you could be a songbird from new orleans
scared of the rain just as scared to sing
but you better believe you’re gonna fly with me

well, here we are baby in the back of my bed
suns going down skies turning red
stars coming out
baby look at you now
god knows how long but it’s been a while
since i heard you laugh and i seen that smile
felt that kiss and i can get used to this
baby i could get used to this


you gonna fly [x2]