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lirik lagu keith & kristyn getty - lord of all (live)


[verse: shai linne]
lift your praises to the holy one and ditch the façade
the lord jesus, the image of the invisible god
he is raised up so highly as he’s blazin’ so brightly
the amazing almighty, why’s he taken so lightly?
cats ain’t seein’ him rightly, the demonic is lyin’
he will stop all defiance, he’s the conquerin’ lion
he’s the lord of australia, north and south america
the lord of antarctica, europe, asia, africa
he’s not a tribal deity, designer of the pleiades
he’ll crush his foes easily, “amen” if you agree with me (amen)
“amen” if you agree with me (amen)
god can take blind snakes, change their whole mind state
and have ’em all fallin’ prostrate, screamin’, “god’s great”

[chorus: shai linne]
whether visible or invisible, he’s lord of all
whether spiritual or physical, he’s lord of all
plants, animals, and insects, lord of all
angels, demons, lord of all, human beings, lord of all
every one of earth’s residents, he’s lord of all
prime ministers or presidents, he’s lord of all
all languages and people groups, he’s lord of all
every nation, lord of all, every nation, lord of all
every nation, lord of all
[outro: shai linne]
he’s lord of all, amen (amen)

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