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lirik lagu keilokei – hybrid theory


stuck in this world ima do as i feel
dont give a f~ck still
never kneel
might still cut whatever i feel
pop pill, maybe then i might chill
really see and feel this sh~t forreal
trippin might get yo cap peeled
yall n~ggas tryna act real
b~tch ion gotta act hard
ima god ain’t no fear in my heart hesh
you wouldn’t believe this sh~t if you saw it
this be the reason n~ggas the rawest
darkness over the land of the heartless
ima end up where i end up regardless
staight up outta the land of the lost
i mosh to make all my enemies nauseous
sockin jaws
bodies tossed
111 underboss, given what it cost b~tch
til my physical lay in that coffin
ima keep sw~ngin, get the f~ck off me
dont fear a thang
cuz i been at war with devils i fought since fig & slauson
never been one of them n~ggas who talk but never get off
not fearin no god, if it k!ll us all and i gotta fall
i’ll blame it on all the sh~t that i saw…
til then ima move wit no caution
not coo wit not losses, that’s probably why n~ggas do this so often
i can’t understand it
why they try to copy the style like they scanned it
my rage get expanded
wanna wipe you from the face of the planet
you dont know what you doin
you dont know what you playin with
f~cking awesome
duck when im moshin
can’t see you my vision too glossy
no n~gga may cross me
run up if you n~ggas really want smoke b~tch yeah
whatever i know is so
as above, so below
you are already dead!
open your eyes m~th~f~cka!!
this life is what you decide m~th~f~cka!!

you are already dead to me!
the exposure for you posers is over!!
death comin closer while my soul grows colder!!

mindless, pointless, effortless existence
rotting my head, this rage i feel for you is endless
yall look shook but aint no fear on this side
what’s to fear when there’s war on the inside?
ima die eyes wide open
all my life ive known i can only blame myself

what the f~ck did you think was gon happen?
f~ck this world from both sides and watch it rot away

in this life nothing up can keep me low
cant deny everything ive come to know
not afraid to die but god i fear whats after me
will i see the sky or will i float into the sea

up in smoke i rise, almighty!