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lirik lagu kayak – sad to say farewell


say the word
just one word that will force me to stay
that will keep me from running away
some feelings have died
they withered inside

please say it’s all right
change your mind ’cause i long for your touch
can’t you see i still need you too much
why should we pretend
if love’s reached the end

unless there’s a chance to succeed
making up, you and me
in a life so complete
love will soften all the pain

all those years
we have lived in a fool’s paradise
slowing drifting apart, telling lies
a fairy tale love
but not strong enough

to call back this heart on the run
feeling lonely and blue
won’t you give me a sign and then
i’ll turn to you
i know you’d want me to

sad to say farewell to golden dreams
though we went wrong
still to you my heart belongs
how can i forget all that has been
i’d love to stay
but alas my love – if leaving seems to be the only