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lirik lagu kanye west – gimme the light freestyle


now i’m the newest member of the rockafella team
and i’ma bring dame and hov mad more cream
hooks galore
leave your city shook for sure
and i’ma bring ’em back where beans took ’em before
for the last time it’s ‘kanye’ and not kane
everybody mispr-nouncing the name
so i spell it over and overlike my dog fab in the game
pick a bad chick up like a cab in the rain
all the girls that i had was the same
cuz all they seemed to care about is what i had in the chain
nevertheless, i’ll say it again
drop the bad b-tch off take a cab in the rain

go! why she wanna say ‘h-llo,’
cuz my rock-a-fello piece is all yellow?
yeah! she tryna get nice
get a crib, get a ring, throw rice
no, keep that raggedy chick
she’s so masculine and i ain’t on that f-ggoty sh-t
my diamond ornaments help me fornicate
girls that look like they on a p-rno tape
my dogs is warning me ’bout girls is wanting me
for child support, this money born to make
they stick safety pins in my magnums
steal my condoms, i swear that’s a problem
it’s like gettin’ robbed without a pistol
for 18 years the job is not an issue
cuz i made a mil off instrumentals
cl-ssify me as husband potential
n-gg-s ain’t think i rhyme for real
i got a ‘you hear it first’ ‘fore i signed a deal
yeah, now it’s time to bail
cuz five years from now i’m tryna chill
peep the wordplay, i’m kinda ill
i don’t rap about guns dog i’m kinda real (i only rap about what i do and that 50 cent’s hot)

that’s how i feel
to be down you must appeal
to the crew, we’re rated r
oc, og bobby johnson’s son
ask me “ray ray is that your car?
i seen mtv i know who you are
you did takeover, do you got beef with nas?”
i did take-over the game, brought back the soul
got tracks to go, got plaques that’s gold
platinum and gold, yeah that’s the flow
all i, know, i gotsta blow
and i don’t play ‘pause’, i’m from chica-go