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lirik lagu kai-roll – future holds


the more i grow
the more i see
the world unfolding
right in front of me
there’s no place to hide
or a place to go
i just wanna know what the feature holds

verse 1

so this life keeps moving forwards or is it moving backwards
take a step back, envisage what i am after
some people tell me no, then some people tell me yes illl be d-mn, if mother f-ckers try to knock down my success
“saying sh-t like rapping ain’t for you
you will thank me later to. i just really think that you are taking the easy way out. ”
why do the closest people bring you down?
when n0body around they try to burn you to the ground

but that’s my motivation
and also my frustration
i’m starting back at zero like my locker combination
cause the most important person in
life gone
i ask myself was it worth
loosing someone who was mighty perfect?
never cheated
never lied
god d-mn i guess never realized
madame excuse the way i am
but i have to catch this tram
before it heads to never land


look into the crystal ball tell me what future holds
will i fall into some dirt or will or ball into some gold?
i guess it’s better when the story goes un tolled
so keep on walking with a blind fold
and now there’s people getting mad cause they see a bread boy
tryina really make that bread boy
can’t crack me open like f-cking crab
go head throw some jabs
ill leave your knuckles full of scabs
god dam
i’m looking into the night sky
overlooking the sea
so wendy, it’s like fly
better recognize, my rhymes are weaponized
to explode right into earn lobe
hear that b-ss go low
lower then theses hoes
ima fire breathing dragon spitting fire out my nose
i’m a lier i suppose
i just wanna know what future holds
so come and tell me yo