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lirik lagu kai-ju (ga) – serenity


she’s so devine
she gives me peace of mind
when she walks into room
it’s like she freeze time
i can’t believe she’s mine
i wasted so much time
chasing all these other girls
with no finish line
she got me writing lines
tryin to visualize
a life without her touch
that’s just suicide
i swear she got me open
her words are so provoking
the way she say my name
it’s like hocus pocus
but i’m focused
i wanna try treat you right
i ain’t playin no games
cause what i speak is real life
when i look into your eyes
i see someone that’s a wife
when i step up to the plate
man i hope i don’t strike
hope i’m spittin good game
not booed onsight
i’m tryin to calm my life
with serenity tonight
popping these bottles
f~ckin these models
living my life
like its gonna ends tonight
you got me feeling right
even if it’s for a night
you got me in a vibe

verse 2: blakout
i guess should start off with the ones
i’m calling missus
the honey from this jack has got me covering you with kisses
your love was like a fireball
even messiah couldn’t stop this fall
i think i liked it better
when i couldn’t get you off my tongue
so now my serenity is done
and no longer feeling numb
but never mind
i’ll pour it up
take a drink
and pass out till the morning comes