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lirik lagu k la – after thought


“after thought”

this k’la and this has been the coldest winter ever, the mixtape
and i just wanna take time to thank everybody for listening
and taking time out of your day to listen to my story
and i really hope that you enjoyed it as much as i enjoy telling it to you
i also wanna give a special thanks to reggie, v103, the whole v103 family
music lines, [?] roscoe, jasmin, [?] jay holliday, big jay, [?] the whole music line family
and special thanks to shaid and shaquila, that’s the team, couldn’t do it without yo all
and of course, everybody back home in gary, indiana
ah, my mom, dad, my daughters they’re my inspiration
yeah, i think when you know what you’re supposed to go do it, no matter what
and that’s what i do, i do what i was meant to do
it’s what i was meant for, apparently

so anyway, i came to atlanta in [?] what’s the year 2010?
in 2009, um, specifically for the purpose of music
i didn’t know how the f-ck i was gonna do this, haha
i had no clue, but, i came out here to try
and it worked
it worked but um, think as most [?] and i don’t know why is like this
maybe it’s cause my daddy was a b-ss player
that’s usually what i use my melodies off of b-ss [?] hehe, and she works
like the b-ss notes, it’s like i guess that’s where i get my melodies from but
but it always keeps you on like a low key, like a nice vibe below
but that’s what i f-ck with, cause i’ve always been a, been a fan of old music like
al green, [?] yeah, al green, donnie [?] billy holliday, like
and paco, i used to listen to a lot of paco,
paco is the b-ss player, you guys don’t know him
my dad used to listen to a lot of that but
you know, a lot of old sh-t, that’s what i grew up listening to
so that’s what i make my music off
the lyrics come from experience, so, if you enjoy that then i guess you enjoy the life to it
um, where’s 2pac, somebody tell me, cause i need that music in my life right now
like this would be the perfect time for some music like that
i need some 2pac, i need laurent hill, i need some f-cking old school [?]
i need some good sh-t right now to get me through this sh-t
i need some good sh-t, i need some advice, i need some advice
and i don’t hear that sh-t, i don’t hear that sh-t nowhere
all i hear is shake your -ss in the club b-tch get money
and [?] for real, the honest [?] i’m saying though
cause i’ll be hurt, sometimes i’ll be hurt, like emotionally
cause you know i am, i don’t talk about my f-cking feelings and sh-t
you know i’m saying, that’s not me, i wanna [?] i don’t do that sh-t
so i need that type of music to help me
cause otherwise i feel like i’ma go crazy, what the f-ck is going on?
like there’s n-body understand what the f-ck i’m going through
but then used to be able to listen to songs like then be ok
but that’s why motherf-ckers going crazy out here,
they don’t know what the f-ck to listen to
everybody telling you to shake your -ss in the club b-tch get money
what the f-ck you gonna do? what the f-ck you gonna do?
like really what the f-ck you gonna do?
you can’t even go out to the club and have a good time
cause somebody coming through the speakers like b-tch shake your -ss, get money
get money, b-tch shake your -ss, get money
like motherf-cker i ain’t come here for that
i was on the work day to day, i just wanna come here and chill for a second
i don’t wanna shake my -ss, i don’t wanna get money, i just worked all day for money
i just wanna come here and drink a little bit god d-mn it
do i have to shake my -ss and get money?
that sh-t ain’t fair, i got kids at home, i gotta go home and take care of my kids
i don’t wanna shake my -ss and get money right now
but that’s all they tell you to do, that’s all they tell you to do
shake your -ss and get money, i don’t wanna hear that sh-t no more
never again [?] every time i shake my -ss and get money
but y’all understand what i’m talking about though? y’all do?
it’s a f-cked up world, it’s a really f-cked up world, out there
you gotta find a way through it, no matter what level you coming in on
you really gotta find your way, it’s already written what’s supposed to happen so
i’m playing my part, well i hope, very well.