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lirik lagu justxn paul – mille miglia


ooh~do~do~do, do~do~do, la~la
do~do~da~da, da~da~da~na
la~la~la~la, la~la~la
la~la~la~la~la~la, huh~mhm~mm

[verse 1]
my body made of glass, let ’em see my soul
i just pumped up sh~t, my self~esteem was low
[?] your lover, [?] is j~panese
we tried to flip this paper, hustle and [?]
we hashing conversations with my uncles and my dad
coincidentally all my vices was [?] he once had
all the alcohol and women upon this balcony i’m standing
i’m ’bout a thousand feet from the ground i see, going down it would be [?]
my career suicide, game plottin’ in the whip
crash landing in the club with a bottle and a b~tch
what you n~ggas wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall
in the mind of a fly n~gga grinding for it all
watch me [?] skydive off the skyline
not [?] and this is primetime
this is just [?] sh~t, this is that designer sh~t
[?] for chips, chasing whips, [?] rihanna sh~t, uh

that [?] sh~t (la~la~la~la, la~la~la)
that [?] (la~la~la~la~la~la)
the dеtails [?] (la~la)
secrets [?] lies i wrotе (do~do~do)
see the poetry within this moment (do~do~do)
is that the cds whispering my name (do~do~da~da)
saying “j, you want me, don’t ya?” (da~da~da~na)
but i know she wants me just the same (oh)
[verse 2]
top floor, b~b~b~bottom b~tch
them other hoes mad that i never bought them sh~t, uh
you n~ggas here but never see me ridin’
i’m spongebob b~tches with crabs in their bikini bottom
[?] dirty benz
a colored lookin’ rapper, that’s what they want lately
if good looks could k!ll your gun is on safety
[?] big nights on no dose with them foes pose for photos
don’t provoke those broke hoes in condoms [?]
go find ’em, my whole broke low
bring them back to me, smash factory
attitude is so cold, six degrees, separation
going ham, i’m kevin bacon
making moves, i’m making movies
i’m george clinton, i’m george clooney
i’m brad pitt, i’m brad jordan
i’m [?] just to bag b~tch
human hotline, motion picture
[?] sunlight, watch the lights glow
i’ma live in lazer light show
i’m cool, i’m tall, i’m black, i’m nice
if we make it, they’ll be hating, i guess that’s just the price
i said i’m cool, i’m tall, i’m black, i’m nice
on my hustle, on my rustle, god bless you, goodnight
la~la~la~la, la~la~la, la~la
la~la~la~la~la~la, la~la



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