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lirik lagu justin martyr – cold streets


justin martyr:
so you living that thug life, drug life; gang banging
you know what getting hit with a slug’s like
rough life failing schools and abandoned buildings
guns and crack all around disadvantaged children
fam i been around the world ain’t a single hood
quite like southside chi englewood
been doing ministry here for a couple years
in chicago shed more than a couple tears
racism, segregation causing more stress
my first four months here, i seen four deaths
in the trap i wanna see em get the lord’s best
but most churches here steady spewing out more mess
i’m born and raised in thе county of dade
miami, 305 where my foundation was laid
wе got gangs in the mia but it ain’t like chi~town
over a century sets letting off nine rounds
on their opps, they don’t see a need for cops
street justice it seems the cycle will never stop
no good interactions with the po~lice
you tryna live life a vegan, no~beef
but without christ you got no peace
fronting like we’re strong, in reality we’re so weak
tell em degrees get you clean money, (who cares)
(i’m satisfied selling weed, xans and loose squares)
gang banging a way of life for more than 3 generations
had no other choice you ain’t choose your situation
unplanned parenthood, lands you
in planned parenthood
weight of injustice broke your back
you can’t stand like you should
marriage forget it that’s not even an option
no real role models, got you feeling boxed in
your dad’s dead or a dead beat, locked up or he can aim
shoot and let the lead leak
your brother’s in a gang too it runs in the family
this is all you know in life flirting with insanity
even your mother and your sister claim a set
funeral programs on your wall, you lost count of all the deaths
that u seen; cold world, it’s a real cold world
tryna hold it down for your baby and old girl
i grew up with both parent’s both cheering me on, n0body in my life steering me wrong
two sisters and one brother never lived in the gutta
wealthy home, not from the hood no violence to uncover
blessed with affluent parents married over 40 years
they introduced me to christ, i never lived in fear
i don’t know what it’s like to bury a dead homie
never had to run from 12s with feds on me
it’s cold in these streets life’s so tragic
but we can find hope in the hy~po~static
~union i had it wrong, assumed i understood
gotta listen more than i talk to learn about your hood
(convo with thre ensues)
these cold streets~~~i often think about when i rap
thre tell em how you got up out of the trap