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lirik lagu juice wrld – push me away


lyrics from snippets

…i don’t wanna go, i don’t wanna go
i went to h~ll [?] took [?]
i was tryna come to h~ll just to take a hit
i was really tryna be a man
then you put the pain in my chest, just like second~hand smoke
i’m a bad joke, right?
tell me why, why, would you treat me like the bad guy? (tell me why, why?)
eyes too dry, but i still make the [?] cry (eyes too dry)
i’m too high, to a point where i might die (i’m too high)
ooh, ooh, i did everything to get close to you
just for you to push me away, just for you to push me away…

…heartbreak, heartbreak follows me evеrywhere
all girls the samе, full of lies, never care
never been the type to judge, life’s not fair
how come when i look for love, it’s not there?
all my mistakes, haunting me from the past
f~ck me over, i know it’ll never last
every time i lose or miss, impossible to get ’em back
time to throw my heart in the trash, yeah
put it in the trashcan, call the trashman…