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lirik lagu juhhad leone – god eartha speaks / strangers


juhhad leone:
(verse 1)
i ain’t never been to fond of friendships/
then again n-body wants to be friend less/
that’s why it’s k!llin me to end this/
we could’ve run the world , the possibility endless/
but it’s ironic, i’m tryna find it in me/
sympathy for n-gg-s who simply/
never been loyal n-gg- you know what i mean/
i’m just tryna keep it 87 plus 13/
i don’t trust much, n-gg- love to deceive/
they only put in when they plan to receive/
the homies switched up, even ones i couldn’t believe/
so it’s f-ck you twins, middle fingers you receive/
i’m the one they laid on, leone on his bullsh-t/
can’t rely on people, even ones that you cool with/
even to the people that listen whenever you vent/
fast to be mad, when you past cause they ain’t do sh-t/
everybody want a piece of the glory/
even if they didn’t help write the story/
seen i need help yet they still ignored me/
you’ll never make it that’s what you all told me/
i guess your plan didn’t work out
and it feel so good to say it/
and i don’t recognize n-body, amnesia when i’m famous

yelling stranger danger, let these haters hate us
they gon switch up clearly
we was closer than neighbors
we don’t let the fake faze us, cause they acting brand new
but we finally famous, n-gg- who is you

i conversated with god, like can you do what it takes/
i know we never talk, but i’m through with the fakes/
but with a pride like mine i had to take it chin/
but i noticed right then, that i started losing friends/
i’ve seen you talking about ya homie like you ain’t know his name/
so i know behind my back you n-gg-s gon do the same/
with me/
nothing’s impossible, you’re only an obstacle, it’s sad that peace ain’t free/
they want you sell ya soul but that price ain’t cheap/
they put it in ya subconscious you hear it when you sleep/
if ya minds a little different never keep low key/
i wanna save the world, but will the world save me/
still same black boy with nefert-ti necklace/
yea we talk the same language but i speak a little different/
outcast in they eyes but i’m good with all difference/
cause they thought prison, and i’m through
that’s how they treat me back home/
i’m just a king with no throne/
i did this here on my own/
i’m happy just being alone/
and if you faking on me now
do the same when i make it
i don’t recognize n-body
amnesia when i’m famous