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lirik lagu jin – hard


say something
who wanna know what’s hard

let me tell you what’s hard, standing firm for your belief
going against the norms, determined to even speak
your mind without worry of how you will perceive
you wanna say something but you can’t do it with these
especially when it’s not the cool thing to do
well maybe that’s the point, i ain’t tryna be cool
in fact i ain’t even tryna be hot
one minute they think you on, last minute they say you’re not
let me tell you what’s hard, the absolute removal
of yourself from this world and seeking it’s approval
where the word of a man is mentioned by his success
constantly tempted by pleasures of the flesh
to the point you can’t even pretend to be relaxed
the moment you slip, that’s when the enemy attacks
you try not to fall but you stumbled and you fell
trust me, i know the feeling all too well
can i be forgiven for the way that i am livin’?
look through my eyes and premonitions
my hand reaches out but i just can’t grab it
strugglin’ for my freedom but i just can’t have it
fightin’ my addictions, kickin’ bad habits
i can either give in or take another step at it
i persevere, the truth can hurt your ears
still i choose to listen, been on a search for years
for any sort of signs, it occasions of a way out
knowledge is wealth, i’m just waitin’ for the payout

uh, say something

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