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lirik lagu jin – beautiful story

you know i gotta say something

here’s a tale that must be told, picture this, a 12 year old
maybe 13 but that’s the max, definitely no older than that
this thing’s called rap, had him open in fact, it wasn’t enough just ownin’ the tracks
learnt every song word for word, thought of himself as the opening act
no stage, no microphone, just a bathroom mirror, maybe a comb
blink of an eye and the world of his own, just like that, king on the throne
until one day he simple felt, in need of a way to express himself
pen and a pad, line after line, just him and his rhymes, n-body else
of course he wasn’t the illest in sight, in fact he sucked but still he would write
little by little the feelin’ was right that eventually he would be killin’ the mic
after school freestylin’ flows, countless ciphers, talent shows
world revolved around his craft, his p-ssion and his happy codes
mom and pops had rotten views of hiphop and would not approve
they stood firm, no matter how hard he tried, they could not be moved
still he let his fire burn, hopin’ that the tide would turn
until that day his prime concerned, was your respect he tried to earn
maybe that’s why at the time, only one thing was on his mind
everyday, every night, mic or no mic, all he wanted to do was just rhyme
but who, whoever the heck would listen? witness a lyrical exhibition
wherever he went, no matter the time, he battled for props and recognition
parkin’ lot at the mall, outside of a bathroom stall
didn’t matter who, single or a crew, line ’em up and he would battle ’em all
eatin’ rappers was all he knew, soon his reputation grew
no matter what he was goin’ through, step up stage and he feel brand new
still that wasn’t enough to fulfil, his thirst and hunger for something more real
whatever the case, continue the chase, can’t change your fate, once it is sealed
meanwhile back home sounds the same, folks started and now complain
how he doesn’t even care that the family business is goin’ down the drain
truth is he’s aimin’ for more than just the fame and stardom
deep down inside he just wants to keep his family from starvin’
so even though they hated, it kept him motivated
if you have never seen this struggle before how will you recognize when you have made it?
finally graduated, parents were agitated
the dream and hope of their son goin’ to college has gradually faded
he was determined to shine, time on the grind, tryna get signed
looked for a break anywhere he could find, a never endin’ ladder for him to climb
knockin’ on doors only to meet, so called execs who don’t wanna greet
all they expect is soap on their feet, he stays anyways, go on a beat
that’s when they see he’s kinda raw, never encountered his kind before
rhyme before, not like any of the artist that they’ve ever signed before
whatever the case they wouldn’t explain, no matter the label, it was the same
walkin’ on in, walkin’ on out, thank you for comin’, we’re glad that you came
he didn’t give up, he just kept strong, knowin’ deep down that it wouldn’t be long
he did his turn, respect he earned, and eventually he would prove them wrong
far from an easy dream, on the right track but evening steam
the mc man cause of what he’s seen, until he popped up on a tv screen
that’s when the whole world saw him shine, then the word quickly spread online
and it actually blew everyone’s mind, guess who ruff ryders just signed?
yes sir, time does fly by, barely 10 years in the blink of an eye
years of lows, years of highs, in the mist of it all he’s still the same guy
ain’t with the r no more, some say he ain’t a star no more
he’s alive and he’s healthy, somebody tell me, what should he feel any sorrow for?
lookin’ back, shows no stress, no remorse and no regrets
in fact what seems like a lifelong journey is really just his first view steps