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lirik lagu jetsweep30 – setup freestyle


i got a thing for country girls
you know with thick accents
nerdy type real smart with thick gl-sses

take shots jack daniels get hammered
brunettes dyed blonde fake t-ts and thick -sses
freak in the sheets but really she well mannered

i love it, eating mac and cheese for southern comfort
with collared greens throwing hunderds
get it jumping off the bungy
blowing out the budget

i popped a lot of thots i probably pop some more tonight
there’s more to life, i went italian i copped a flight
ducati forest green, it’s an imported bike
not in your wishlist dog you’d vomit if you saw the price

i’m clean as sushi rice, that’s tripled wash
hibachi chef take steak with teriyaki sauce
triple boss, you ain’t even in my weight cl-ss
i took your b-tch, did laps, went round and she came last

time is money so i went and bought a rolex
i’m moving weight pulling strings like a bowflex

chuck norris roundhouse kick imma k!ll ya
test me i’ll run you into a wall outfielder
you know i’m ball til i’m old thon maker
living in the spot where we stan ron baker

that is shocking, i’m on popping
too many options, you know it’s a problem
like cognitive load, got me in decision fatigue
like when you’re watching netflix for two hours
trying to pick a movie for too long, just end up parks and rec anyway cause aubrey plaza’s my homegirl