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lirik lagu jesus christ superstar – peter’s denial


maid by the firei think i’ve seen you somewhere.
i remember,
you were with that man they took away.
i recognize your face.
peteryou’ve got the wrong man lady.
i don’t know him,
and i wasn’t where he was tonight
never near the place.
soldierthat’s strange, for i am sure i saw you with with him.
you were right by his side, and yet you denied.
peteri tell you i was never ever with him.
old manbut i saw you too. it looked just like you.
peteri don’t know him!
mary magdalenepeter, don’t you know what you have said?
you’ve gone and cut him dead.
peteri had to do it, don’t you see?
or else they’d go for me.
mary magdaleneit’s what he told us you would do.
i wonder how he knew.