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lirik lagu jerin b – bars 2 god


aye sitting in my room thinking
then i start to vent
tryna paint a pretty picture
wit my thoughts and sh-t
every night i thank god
for the blessings sent
but still i know it’s more to come
the signs are evident
it’s kinda funny, separation and you notice it
appreciate the hand you dealt
it’s only one you get
talking about life
play yo card rights
and work for it
cause one mishap can f-ck you over
like reneging sh-t

tryna stay relevant
i treat this pen like medicine
and ink the world
as my attempt to put some leverage in it
rapping bout life
every struggle got it doc-mented
while i just focus on my grind
until my pockets lintless

a 9 to 5 it ain’t my wave
it’s more to life i get
real impatient steady waiting
so i write you this
logical bars
pad of scars
yeah my pen it bleeds
heavy ink
free to think
and tho i hardly drink
i still cope wit the pain
of no food in sink
just to wake up very thankful
i can see and blink
blink and see
thank you god
i’m finally finding me
locked away inside my room
until the world can see
what a n-gga can become
in like a year or 3

may seem a lil farfetched
but got strong beliefs
that it’ll happen
give it time
just stick to the grind
so many blessings on the way
you’ll see a n-gga shine


pause for dramatic effect
i could be gripping a tech
instead i write you this let
at first i wanted the check
but now i dream like a vet
they call me sosa at bat
the way i’m making these hits
they say the struggles a b-tch
just want the house wit a fence
and tho the sauce on drench
ma dukes should pull up in bent
and chuck a duce to the rent
those blessings heavenly sent
my pen continues to vent
i wrote this rap in consent


that i just keep on dreamin
keep dreamin
that i just keep on dreamin
keep dreamin
that i just keep on dreamin
keep dreamin
that i just keep on dreamin
keep dreamin

bars 2 god