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lirik lagu jbxnu – p.o.v


she’s like

[verse 1]

i’m wondering why he don’t love me no more
don’t hug me no more
don’t trust me no more
another attempt
i’m locking the door
i gave you my heart, now look there’s blood on the floor
i’m crying for him, he won’t know he don’t care anymore
my one fear losing him i couldn’t fear anymore
i tried to care less but it’s made me care even more
one text i lost my head and my eyes still sore
but i smile at the thought
we can’t break anymore


but it’s breaking him down
he said it’s breaking his core
i’m not getting the way that you’re so patient and all
all the things that he taught
i’m loving him even more
but we’re still growing apart don’t wanna grow anymore
i wanna stay young
i wanna stay dumb
stay in love
but pains made me hate love
and he’s saying it’s love-hate
can’t explain
a hurt brain
i’ll kiss the cheeks of his hurt face

[verse 2]

wondering why you ain’t loving me
ain’t hugging me
you locked the door lucky me
you don’t get what loving means
you take the p-ss honestly
the damage has been done so i ain’t f-cking with apologies
it’s facts
man you don’t even know what sorry means
you know the principles but you don’t understand the policy
i’m old drake i doubt that you would take a shot for me
still hoping that you take care you really mean a lot to me
and yeah you gave me your heart
but girl i gave you the moon
i need a spoon of your love
i need a…
i need the deepest of hugs
pour my heart in a gl-ss and then you’re breaking the cup
f-ck it i’m breaking this up
f-ck it i’m breaking the bond
your cards i’m breaking the stuff
your jar smashing the sh-t
i throw the gl-ss on the floor
and hope the shards h-t my guts
thought i won’t break anymore because i’ve broken enough


but it’s breaking me down
i said it’s breaking my core
and you ain’t getting the way that i’m so patient and all
all the things that i taught
i’m loving you even more
but we’re still growing apart don’t wanna grow anymore
i wanna stay young
i wanna stay dumb
stay in love
but pains made me hate love
i’m saying it’s love-hate
can’t explain
cheeks of my hurt face

[verse 3]
one day i wanna take your f-cking
so right but so wrong i got you on my surface
you love hard i love hard but see love’s a game
uncontrollable were two flames in a furnace
you called me like a 100 times
had to press decline
because you ain’t been acting right
or acting like you’re actually mine
you’re chilling with your friends but for me, you couldn’t find the time
time is of the essence
wonder if you want you and i
cause i really want i and you
i’ll find the time for you
late night,face times neglected in the night with you
crying in the f-cking night
struggling with you and i
thinking bout suicide
i’m down to slit my wrists
you think you’re gonna play your games tonight
i mean what the f-ck
we got to this what the f-ck happened to the love
what the f-ck
my head hurts
i’m screaming what the f-ck
i lost my love
lost him once but see this is a different loss
i’m lost in life
and sad nights
they got me feeling off
oh message me
i’m just waiting can you message me
message, please
if you don’t then put me in the cemetery
affecting me
effecting me i think i’ll start to bleed
accepting me just to decline cause you
ain’t getting me
i let you in aretha franklin i gotta let it be
this girl’s in love with you
i’m more in love than i’ve ever been
and i mean ever been no boy gets to me the way you get to me

[verse 4]
every inch
your smile your laugh i mean everything
regretting it
i’m over here f-cking regretting it
a better thing
i really hope you find a better thing
i never wish
but man i wish we never ended this

[verse 5]

i’m sorry man
i made him something that he’s never been
he’s sick of love
i wish my kiss was still his medicine
he’s shattered now
never knew he was so delicate
so scarred after this
that he might even need a therapist