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lirik lagu jb_eastcost – corrupt


[verse 1: jb_eastcost]
these kids are corrupted
makin’ me wanna act all reluctant
all their stupid acts just resulted
and the quiet kid just angrily erupted
n-body knows the pain that i go through
i’m just the only one that they go to
muhf-ckers wanna come and control you
muhf-ckers wanna act like they know you
like, if you can’t do the time
don’t do the crime
fast hoes act up all the d-mn time
don’t disrespect b-tches and hoes
listen to my words ’cause it’s me that you chose

[verse 2: jb_eastcost]
nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say
but when they run they mouth only sh-t comes out
that’s why they -ss is jealous
when they move they lips, they can’t hold it down

f-ck you!
better look in the mirror
’cause you the same sh-t
like every other b-tch who can’t handle this
wanna act all that like beyoncé did
but you’re not that is

hormonal, emotional, period?
suck the sh-t up and use a f-cking tampon
no time for the bullsh-t
but you have all the time to try to fix what i do wrong
f-ck with it!
f-ck your opinion
’cause you cut me off like that!
all the makeup in the world won’t change that act
took me this long to wear my hat

i am the king!
what-a-gwaan in dis ting?
you gon’ do what to who?
well, let’s see
my eyebrows on fleek
yours just look like skeet