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lirik lagu jay prime – slickwurl


i’m really the truth. i’m realer than you. i’m real in da booth. i’m giving em proof. i took his boo that n-gg- a goof. i thought he wanted smoke but he calling truce. i got that fire. i got it from trizzy. i got the sauce. i hopped back in da kitchen. i watch your bae send me videos stripping. baby i just wanna see like i’m cripping
i hustle like nipsey but not no i’m not crippin. hot n-gg- like bobby but no i’m not crippin. imma dog like snoop but no i’m not crippin
he talking on twitter til we catch him slipping
said they was real but now they acting different. motorola phone you n-gg-s be flipping. you got a issue then we can get ignorant. run up on me and head imma split it
we leave a whole lotta red on his fitted. leave him missing teeth he gone need some dental. you not original yo flow is a rental. shorty thick as h-ll but her mind is so simple. i stay with my dawgs like i live in the kennel. a problem get solved like as soon as i send them. i’m murdering beats like as soon as i get them. disturbing the peace with these hard instrumentals
b-ss to loud. i’ll never turn it down. slick with a hitzwurl bounce. like my sound. nah they love my sound. told her to twerk some now. it go down. i don’t want to be your n-gg-. i just bust want to bust down. ain’t got time to fuss now. it’ll be your own n-gg-s who i’m sposed to trust now. guess i’m outta luck now. thought he was my bro tho. guess i’m solo dolo moving on da low low. mean mugging the popo. i’m gone snap like taking photos. i would cuff but she a hoe doe. me and jvn like the clipse, but on yours truly, k-ci and jojo
n-gg- want me to apply the pressure. make a demonstration with no hesitation. school ain’t really for a n-gg- but they tell me go and get my education. check out my lyrical reputation from my ambition, to my elevation, to my freestyles on the internet, then name a n-gg- rapping better lately
watch n-gg-s eat and they told me be patient. that was cool but now i’m getting tired of waiting. hear n-gg-s speaking and talking about jalen. i’m like d-mn, don’t you get tired of hating?
shawty mad say i be running game. she like d-mn don’t you get tired of playing? change the subject and say she look good. i’m like d-mn don’t you get tired of slaying?
i call trizzy and call fo’ fizzy. like what’s da moves? we getting litty. the i call blizzy. then i call vokalz. then i call zayy. then i call chloe. let’s do a show. who finna open? who finna close it? feel like i’m chosen. i got the hoes h-tting my phone. who got da whip? let’s pull up on em
jay prime gripping on her waistline. she ain’t answer your facetime. watching bet and i want that same shine but i know it’s gone take time
young king with a old soul. lil n-gg- with some big dreams. hot n-gg- with a cold flow. cold flow and hot 16s. at 16 i was pulling janks over 18
stay don’t focused don’t chase hoes we chase dreams. imma catch him by his self. n-gg- we don’t make scenes. bust her down one time and now she addicted. n-gg- we make fiends. now i’m all in her day dreams. jay prime from da chedda my n-gg-