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lirik lagu jax (usa) - ​the babysitter song (interlude)


[verse: jax, chelsea lascher]
this is the girl i babysit
hi, i’m chelsea and i’m the sh~t (chelsea)
chelsea breaks a lot of rules if i’m honest
but she won’t tell my parents ’cause i made her promise
so we’re up past her bedtime writing a song
to talk about the things we don’t tell her mom
my bed time’s is 9 pm
it is currently 2 am
sometimes i eat dessert before dinner
we both know you don’t eat dinner
i text my boyfriend on my ipad
i’m gonna pretend i didn’t hear that
i told her i was allowed to watch rated r movies
which wasn’t true and her parents might sue me
i’ve seen b00bies before
(hey, i’m home)
bed, now

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